How colors can affect your mood and health?

Have you ever noticed that after eating one or another type of food makes some kind of impact on you?  The reason for that is not only food that you ate. Food colors also play an important role. Why? Because it actually wakes up your brain and nervous system.
It is scientifically proved that red and violet colors stimulate energy and cause your body to release more adrenaline. Red also asocciates with activity, passion and joy. Color of life, isn't it?
If you want to be in a great mood, your choice should be green or yellow. Especially yellow color has been found to activate the release of feel-good brain ­chemical called serotonin. Yellow easily fellows with summer and sunny day.
Have you ever noticed that most of the hospitals or day-care centers pick green color for the walls. It is such a smart choice since green color makes us feel relaxed and calm. Most of offices surrounded by trees or those who have nice view to the forrest or garden have better opportunity for their workers to feel healthier and happier.
It is so important to be in a good mood all day. The day seems brighter and wealthier. Thats why you can try to eat well by colors. Each and every fruit and vegetable has different impact on your health.
May your day always has bright color. Have a wonderful day every day.